"It's a childhood dream" - Tsitsipas on chance to become world number one

"It's a childhood dream" - Tsitsipas on chance to become world number one

by Alfredo Bassanelli

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Stefanos Tsitsipas will play for his maiden grand slam trophy on Sunday but also the number one rank which is within his grasp.

Sunday is shaping up to be a monumental moment for Tsitsipas as he tries to achieve several dreams. He dreamed of being number one and that's within his grasp. He dreamed of winning a grand slam and that's also really close.

I like that number. It’s all about you, it is singular. It’s one.

Tsitsipas on becoming number one

Standing between him on his dreams is Novak Djokovic, a man that crushed many dreams in the past. He crushed Tsitsipas a few years ago at the French Open, denying him the trophy. There is a belief that Tsitsipas can do it but it will be difficult.

These are the moments that I have been working hard for. To be able to play in finals like this, finals that have a bigger meaning than just the final. It’s a Grand Slam final. I’m fighting for the number one spot. It’s a childhood dream to be capturing that number one spot one day – I’m close.

On the Sunday final

I’m playing great tennis. I’m enjoying myself. I just see no downside or negativity in what I’m trying to do out there. Even if it doesn’t work, I’m very optimistic and positive about any outcome, any opponent that I have to face. This is something that has been sort of lacking in my game. I genuinely believe in what I’m able to produce. That is more than enough. I go about this way. I do this with a lot of – I strive for it every single day. It might not go the way I want it to, but I put 110% out there.



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