“I was close to retire from tennis this year” - admits Rafael Nadal

“I was close to retire from tennis this year” - admits Rafael Nadal

by Zachary Wimer

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After Roger Federer retired from tennis, Rafael Nadal was asked about his retirement and while he admitted he was close this year, it's not time yet.

In his career, Nadal has suffered a number of injuries, but his foot issue has recently been one that has affected him the most. After receiving daily injections to numb one foot so he could play without pain, he essentially played this year's Roland Garros on only one foot with sensations.

Days after winning, Nadal tried a new form of therapy, and it was successful, allowing him to continue playing. He acknowledged that he was thinking about quitting following Roland Garros but the treatment allowed him to continue for the time being, so he will.

"I don't think that time has come. But I won't lie. I was close to retire from tennis this year. During the French Open I thought it might be my last tournament," explained Nadal adding:

"But at that moment, although from then on everything has gone very wrong for physical reasons. The foot on a physical level has been a disaster. I busted my abs at Wimbledon, then again in New York, a host of major misfortunes, added to all these personal things. But I don't really feel (like retiring) at that moment nor do I want to think about it."



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