'Do Not Speak Word About Tennis': Sinner's Coach On Parents Influence

'Do Not Speak Word About Tennis': Sinner's Coach On Parents Influence

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner's coach, Simone Vagnozzi, spoke about the influence of his protege's parents on him and how it helps him.

The Italian admitted after his Australian Open final that he doesn't see his parents that often because he's always around tennis. His parents do watch him play when they can, but it rarely happens these days.

They weren't in attendance to watch him contest his maiden Grand Slam final, either. It didn't bother Sinner, who left home at 14, and he turned around a 0-2 deficit into a 3-2 win.

After the match, Sinner spoke fondly about his parents but admitted that he doesn't see them often. His coach, Simone Vagnozzi, expanded on that, praising them as wonderful people.

"If we have to speak about the parents, the parents of Jannik are wonderful, really wonderful. Sometimes they come to the tournament that they are not speak one word about tennis."

"They just there. They enjoy the life of the tournament but not, never come to us and say, Oh, you know, the serve, volley, the breakpoint."

Family can create some pretty difficult dynamics in tennis. Many often talk about Stefanos Tsitsipas and his father, and some of the stories from Emma Raducanu's camp also raised the eyebrows of some of the fans.

However, Vagnozzi is pretty happy that the Sinner family doesn't interfere in any way. He thinks it's a good example of how a family should step away.

" We are really lucky to have one family to back him like this. The education that Jannik have, you saw every day on court, no. The racquet never go down one time. It's really quiet. I think for the Italian is a really good example to have."

So far its' worked well but we'll see how things go in the future for the Italian super-talent.


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