Djokovic's 'Strange' Decision To Play In Geneva Week Before Roland Garros 'Shocked' Roddick

Djokovic's 'Strange' Decision To Play In Geneva Week Before Roland Garros 'Shocked' Roddick

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic's decision to play at the 2024 Geneva Open shocked former ATP player Andy Roddick.

The Serbian player was supposed to enter this year's Roland Garros with the fewest matches on clay since 2006, but that might not happen if he has a deep run at the Geneva Open.

The lack of matches comes because he hasn't played that well this year. Even when he got back on clay, Djokovic continued to struggle, at least compared to the level he showed last year.

The Monte-Carlo Masters campaign was decent for him, but the Italian Open in Rome was the opposite. To counter this not ideal preparation for Roland Garros, Djokovic opted to play in Geneva in the week before Roland Garros, which shocked former player Roddick.

He talked about it on his Served with Roddick podcast, admitting that while the idea behind it makes sense, he was surprised by it, as the 24-time major winner usually doesn't play in the week before a major.

"I like the move and I’m also shocked by it. You know, it’s strange because he has been so confident just entering the biggest tournaments in the world without a lot of prep work, right?"

"He’s made a habit of that and been successful at it over the last three or four years. So, it definitely proves the point that we’ve been beating home all week that if something is different, you need matches — even the best of all time."

Djokovic likely won't push himself too much this week in Geneva, but as Roddick pointed out, the Serbian player likely values getting more reps on the court as opposed to getting early to Paris.

"Sometimes you need some reps and some real reps, right? You can feel great in practice, you can’t mimic that. So I think it’s the right move. And hey, I’m sure I’m sure the Geneva Open is pretty pumped about getting him for free."


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