Djokovic Surprisingly Accepts Geneva Open Wild Card Week Before French Open

Djokovic Surprisingly Accepts Geneva Open Wild Card Week Before French Open

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic will play at the 2024 Geneva Open, in the week before the Roland Garros, after accepting a surprise wild card entry.

Nothing about Djokovic's 2024 season is usual, as the Serbian experienced quite a few strange moments this year. The most notable difference this season is his level, which has been far from what we've gotten used to from him.

He's had some inconsistent months before, but he's never really not looked like Djokovic as much as he did this year. He's yet to play in a final in 2024, and of course, not having played in a final so far means that he's also trophy-less.

His most recent match might have been the worst he played this year, but there might be another reason behind that. He suffered a blow to the head in a freak accident in Rome, which certainly impacted him beyond the initial blow

He underwent tests in Rome before that match and recently in Belgrade as well because he apparently still feels the effects of it, and maybe that's also why he accepted the Geneva Open wild card to test himself ahead of the Roland Garros.

Another thing related to the French Open is the number of matches he played to prepare for it.
He was supposed to arrive in Paris with the fewest matches on clay before Roland Garros since 2006, and obviously, that was not an ideal preparation.

To counter that, he'll give himself a few more matches in Geneva as he took the wild card for the ATP 250 tournament. There was speculation about him possibly doing that, and L'Equipe has confirmed the news.

Many will closely follow how his campaign goes, especially given the worrying incident at the Italian Open. He famously said that he enjoys playing in the week before a Grand Slam.


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