Kyrgios Provides Update On His Highly Anticipated Tennis Comeback

Kyrgios Provides Update On His Highly Anticipated Tennis Comeback

by Zachary Wimer

Nick Kyrgios has been away from tennis for almost a year now, but he provided an update, indicating that he's nearing a return.

The last time the Australian stood on a tennis court was in June of last year when he played against Yibing Wu at the 2023 Stuttgart Open. It was his long-awaited comeback, as he had missed the entire year until then due to various physical issues, including a wrist injury, which has bothered him ever since.

Ever since then, he's been working very hard to try to return to tennis because he misses it. The 2022 season was a really special one for him, and he wants to get back to that level, especially since he doesn't plan to play for a long time.

He's not one of those players who will be playing at 35, and as he's 29 already, there's not much more time for him left to show his talent on the ATP Tour. Recently, he provided his fans with an update admitting that he returned to the tennis court, practicing and slowly incorporating everything back into his routine.

"Yes. I'm back on court. Forehand is nearing-serving introduced in a month."

Kyrgios on Instagram

The 2022 Wimbledon finalist didn't give any specific date or an event when he'll return, but the fact that he's back on the court is a positive sign. Getting into playing form will take a while, but given his progress, Kyrgios may still play some tournaments in 2024.

However, if his recovery so far showed anything, it's that he won't be trying to rush back, as he injured himself last year when attempting a comeback, and he would certainly want to avoid doing that again.

Since he's currently not ranked on the ATP Tour, Kyrgios will need to use his protected ranking and wild cards from the tournament organizers to enter tournaments during his attempted comeback.


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