Djokovic Hits Back At Mouratoglou's Controversial Olympics Comments

Djokovic Hits Back At Mouratoglou's Controversial Olympics Comments

by Nurein Ahmed

Patrick Mouratoglou has been at the center of attention due to his controversial claims on many subjects but has earned the lion's share of detractors for it.

One of them is Novak Djokovic who has disputed the ex-coach of Serena Wiliams' comments regarding the Olympic Games. A few days ago, Mouratoglou debated whether the Olympics formed a major part of tennis players' ambitions.

The renowned French coach argues that tennis has "no real connection'' with the Olympic Games in a video he posted on his Instagram account. Furthermore, Mouragolou explains that tennis has many important events every calendar year, including the Masters 1000s and Grand Slams which have prestige and offer ranking points.

Ostensibly, the 53-year-old opined that the four-year Olympic cycle means that tennis players don't necessarily build up to play at the Olympics, contrary to sports like swimming which he says have connected events. In tennis, players don't particularly play tournaments to prepare for the Games.

Djokovic partly agrees with some of Mouratoglous's points in relation to the fact that the Olympic Games are held once every four years and are "probably not a priority" for lower-ranked players as compared to Grand Slams. But the Serbian highlights that the rarity of the Olympics and the mystique associated with it makes the games even more special.

"I saw his statement and I would not completely agree with him. The Olympic Games are the oldest sporting event. Every sport that is Olympic, values ​​the Olympic Games, at least in my opinion, as one of the highest priorities."

"One of the greatest honors for an athlete is to represent your country at the Games. I had the great honor of carrying the flag at the opening ceremony in London, and for me the Games are a very special competition and it is a special feeling to be in such a rare competition."

Djokovic won a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and at 36, still views it as a national treasure, which is why he is looking forward to having another shot at winning the gold in Paris next year, which is very likely to be his last showing in the competition.

"It is played once in four years, and in relation to that, it is probably not a priority for many tennis players, and I agree with Patrick in that part: that the attitude of most tennis players towards the OIympics, especially those who are lower ranked, is not the same as towards the Grand Slams."

"I agree with that and it is true. But I personally would not fully agree with that because the Games mean a lot to me and I can't wait to be at the Games. I hope that I will be able to bring another medal to Serbia."


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