"Constantly thinking about life after tennis" - reveals Dominic Thiem

"Constantly thinking about life after tennis" - reveals Dominic Thiem

by Kadir Macar

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Dominic Thiem finds himself constantly thinking about life after tennis as he stares turning 30 later this year.

Dominic Thiem hasn't enjoyed tennis that much lately due to struggles with injuries that kept him from playing his best tennis. He's yet to return to that level and it's why he started to think more clearly about his future. He'll turn 30 in a few months and it's a new stage of his career.

I’m constantly thinking of a life beyond tennis. I think that tennis was, for a long time, the only part of my life, which is good in one way but if you’re getting older it’s not good anymore, you need a life beyond tennis, you need other thoughts in your head, other things to do and the injury time out and tough time to come back helped me in those terms and I’m very happy about it.

Thiem will try to get back to the top 10 but many have already come out and spoke about how they don't see him ever hitting that level again. New players are coming in and Thiem is adopting a new way of thinking. He used to be obsessed with results but he's moved away from that.

I was defining myself only by results for a long time, which is not mentally healthy. I'm going to do my best in every match, what will happen I can't predict.



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