Ben Shelton vs Matteo Arnaldi: 2024 Mexican Open Acapulco - Preview & Prediction

Ben Shelton vs Matteo Arnaldi: 2024 Mexican Open Acapulco - Preview & Prediction

by Zachary Wimer

This is a proper Next-Gen matchup at the 2024 Mexican Open in Acapulco, so let's see whether Ben Shelton or Matteo Arnaldi will advance to the next round.

Shelton played a tremendous match against Dan Eavns to find himself in the second round of the ATP 500 tournament in Acapulco. He barely survived the match, as Evans served for the match, but by winning, the American proved to be quite good under pressure.

We've seen that before when he made the US Open semi-final last year, and this match only cemented it. It's an odd fit for Shelton on this court because his serve is a huge weapon, and his power is another bonus.

The ball bouncing higher doesn't hurt him that much, as it actually gives him time to properly unload. It's quite similar for Arnaldi, who enjoys these conditions.

The Italian overcame Taylor Fritz in a pretty close and competitive match, which I feel we'll also see between these two.


They never played against each other, but that's not a huge surprise because neither played on the ATP Tour before last year. Both are very aggressive players, which is a trend within the newer generation, but Shelton has a far better serve.

I wouldn't call Arnaldi the naturally better hitter because, in these conditions, it actually might be Shelton, but he does seem a bit less raw in that regard.


The win conditions for both players are different. Arnaldi will win if he outplays Shelton in rallies and handles his serve decently. The American will win if he manages to keep Arnaldi from finding a good rhythm.

That's best accomplished with short rallies and good serving. Somehow, I feel the American will just do that and win this match in Acapulco.

Prediction: Ben Shelton to win in three sets.


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