'See No Reason To Stop': Tsitsipas On Hectic Schedule Impacting His Health

'See No Reason To Stop': Tsitsipas On Hectic Schedule Impacting His Health

by Zachary Wimer

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Stefanos Tsitsipas has played a pretty full schedule for much of his career, and he doesn't plan on stopping that as long as he's healthy.

There has been some talk about the length of a tennis season recently. Many younger players are taking the example of their older colleagues and playing carefully crafted calendars so as not to put too much stress on their bodies.

It's the key to longevity, as we've seen in the examples of some older players like Novak Djokovic. Stefanos Tsitsipas doesn't have those concerns, as the Greek player consistently ranked among the top when it comes to matches played on the ATP Tour.

He doesn't go crazy with his schedule in terms of playing every week, but it can get quite hectic at times. Not long ago, he was in the Middle East falling off a chair while watching his girlfriend Paula Badosa play in Dubai, and then he was in Los Cabos playing at that event.

Travels like that can get tiresome, but he's always been a person who enjoys traveling, so maybe he enjoys that. In any case, he's not going to change anything in his approach anytime soon, despite struggling with injuries recently.

"I never really thought about it, but I think that's also in a way, a good sign I have been playing a lot. I think I got around 25, 26 tournaments last year. That's a lot of weeks. But let's not forget, I've also won a lot as well."

Some might think that, over time, that will prove to be quite detrimental, but for Tsitsipas, who spoke ahead of the 2024 Mexican Open, there is no doubt. It's been working for him so far, and he's been able to remain relatively healthy and win regularly, so he'll keep doing that.

"I've gone deep into tournaments throughout the year (2023), I've played a lot of matches in individual tournaments, so that helps kind of get to those numbers. As long as my body's healthy and I'm willing to go out there and fight and give my 100 every single time, I see no reason of me stopping and considering less than that."


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