Swiatek's Achievements At Very Young Age 'Remarkable' Says Hurkacz

Swiatek's Achievements At Very Young Age 'Remarkable' Says Hurkacz

by Zachary Wimer

Iga Swiatek has achieved quite a bit in her young career, which leaves fellow Polish player Hubert Hurkacz stunned every time he thinks of it.

As a fellow Polish tennis player, Hurkacz understands fully well the journey Swiatek had to undergo to become a tennis player. It's not an easy journey, which is why he's impressed with everything she's been able to do so far in her career.

He's done some amazing things himself, but not as much as Swiatek, at least yet. She's still one of the youngest players on the WTA Tour but already has 4 Grand Slams to her name, numerous weeks as the world number one, and 18 singles trophies as well.

That's highly impressive for anybody, but having it be someone from his own country makes Hurkacz quite happy.

"Iga Swiatek is such an amazing person and a tennis player. It’s remarkable what she has achieved in her career. She is still so young."

Having played together a few times, Hurkacz and Swiatek know each other pretty well. They represented Poland both this and last year in the United Cup and will team up for the upcoming Paris Olympics during the summer.

The hope is to win some medals for their country, which would help them achieve both of their dreams. They're hoping to get more Polish kids into tennis, and winning some Olympic medals would be a great way to do that.

"We are hoping that our passion for tennis will inspire more and more young kids in Poland. I hope they will continue to enjoy this beautiful sport."

We'll see how it goes, but Swiatek will have a decent chance of winning a medal, at least in singles, because the event is played on clay, on the courts where she managed to win three of her four majors.

Hurkacz, on the other hand, isn't a clay-court specialist, but in doubles with Swiatek, something may click for him.


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