Murray Scares Fans With Major Retirement Hint After Latest Win

Murray Scares Fans With Major Retirement Hint After Latest Win

by Zachary Wimer

Andy Murray recently scored a big win over Denis Shapovalov at the 2024 Dubai Championships, but he also dropped a major retirement hint.

Murray was asked about retirement a dozen times last year. He was a good sport most of the time, but you could sense he was annoyed by the question. It's not like he pinpointed a specific date when he'll retire.

It's just going to be a decision made depending on the circumstances. Right now, it looks pretty close because of several bad results that happened recently, but even when it didn't seem close, he was getting asked about it recently.

Struggling to win any matches this year only intensified the chatter about it, but this time, he got back to winning ways. He earned his first win since October last week in Doha and added one more over Denis Shapovalov this week.

Still, after mumbling some things on the court last week, many assume Murray will finish this year. He might if we really look into what he's saying, even though he doesn't want people to look too much into what he's saying.

"People read a lot into what I say on court sometimes, it’s not always rational, but everyone asks me about it all the time anyway. I obviously still love competing and still love the game."

One phrase that caught fans off guard was when the Brit mentioned he has "last few months." Obviously, that can mean 20 months, but also the remaining eight months of the current season, which many assumed when they heard it.

"But it gets obviously harder and harder the older you get to compete with the young guys and keep your body fit and fresh. Yeah, not easy, I probably don’t have too long left, but I’ll do the best I can in these last few months."

Perhaps it was just a phrase, but perhaps it was a hint. We don't know, and we won't know unless he explicitly announces that he's done with the sport, and he doesn't seem to be planning that at the moment.


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