Federer's Forehand Not Even In Top 2 Of All-Time According To Mouratoglou

Federer's Forehand Not Even In Top 2 Of All-Time According To Mouratoglou

by Zachary Wimer

Noted tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou has described Roger Federer's forehand as very unique, but he didn't rank it as one of the best two he's ever seen.

Before dwelling deeper into where Federer's forehand ranks among the best forehands of all time in Mouratoglou's humble opinion, we must remember that opinions are highly subjective.

In one of his usual 'Tennis Explained' series on Instagram, The Coach, as he dubs himself, talked about forehands. He touched upon Federer's forehand, which was his signature shot and one that had troubled so many players for the two decades that he had played.

The forehand in itself was rather unique, according to Mouratoglou, who broke down what made it so unique.

"What was standing out the most with Roger's forehand was his ability to take time away from his opponent with that shot and hurt all the time scoring an incredible number of winners, many of them with the second shot after the serve. It might sound weird but Federer's forehand is not even in the two best of all time in my opinion."

Despite praising the Swiss Maestro's forehand, the French coach still wouldn't rank it as the best forehand ever. According to Mouratoglou, Federer's forehand is the third-best we have ever seen, ranking him behind two players

Two that have hit better from the forehand side than the Swiss player were Rafael Nadal, who placed first, and Fernando Gonzalez, who he placed second.

"Rafael Nadal’s forehand is undoubtedly one of the most iconic shots in tennis history. With its combination of accuracy and formidable power, he consistently finds the sweet spots, making it the greatest forehand of all time."

Mouratoglou finds Gonzalez's forehand utterly devastating, which it was in fairness. Regarding Nadal, the Spaniard's ability to consistently find the sweet spots on the court makes it the best one Mouratoglou has ever seen. The list is completed by Pete Sampras at four and Juan Martin Del Potro at place number five.


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