Alcaraz Needs To Learn To Win When 'Playing At His Worst Not His Best' Says Wilander

Alcaraz Needs To Learn To Win When 'Playing At His Worst Not His Best' Says Wilander

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz is a very good player, but former ATP player Mats Wilander says there are some more things he needs to figure out.

Mats Wilander was a very successful tennis player in his days. He knows tennis and how it is to be a player, so he understands Alcaraz's situation. He's always been a tremendous fan of the Spaniard, calling him the most exciting tennis player he's ever seen.

That is very high praise because Wilander has seen many great players over the years. What he would like to see from him in the future, though, is him learning to become a better player every single day.

Sometimes, he tends not to bring his best early in matches, which ends up hurting him, as it did against Alexander Zverev in Melbourne.

"I think for Carlos, I think he has to move towards being a better player every single day. Not when he's at his best, but when he's at his worst. He needs to figure that out very early in matches, and we saw in the Australian Open against Sasha Zverev: he didn't, and he never got it back."

Alcaraz endured a tricky period in the last few months but recently played his best tennis at the Indian Wells Open. Wilander was very happy to see that because tennis missed that, and Alcaraz missed it as well. As he told Eurosport, it's a spectacle to see him out there competing when he's enjoying his time.

"So I think that there's a big leap in understanding how good he is and what it takes for him to beat most players. But pressure, I think he loves being out there. I think he loves the enjoyment part of hitting a tennis ball. He now seems to be enjoying winning again, which is really good to see."


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