'He Doesn't Need To Do Anything': Roddick Defends Djokovic After NBA Appearance

'He Doesn't Need To Do Anything': Roddick Defends Djokovic After NBA Appearance

by Zachary Wimer

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Novak Djokovic went to an NBA game, and a lot of tennis fans lost their cool over it, something which Andy Roddick found very odd.

The Serbian hasn't played tennis at the level he has in recent years, and it showed at the Australian Open. For the first time in years, he was beaten at the event. His next event didn't really offer anything new either because he suffered an even worse loss.

That wasn't good for his fans, who got a little bit worried, especially with the way Djokovic took the losses. He didn't seem too bothered by it, especially after going to watch an NBA game.

Some wondered whether he was missing focus, but Roddick found that absurd. Speaking about the whole situation on his 'Served with Roddick' podcast, the former number one simply said how things are; Djokovic doesn't need to do anything. He's done more than enough in his career so far.

"He was at a game, trading jerseys and racquet with Steph Curry... did a lot of PR the week before in Indian Wells. Everyone's like, 'he needs to focus.' He doesn't need to do anything. He knows what to do, to put himself in the position, he is in his 'legacy' era."

"That doesn't mean he can't continue to dominate, right? He knows what to do, the loss is gonna piss him off, but also yes, family is gonna take hold, he is 36 years old."

Still, the reaction of fans is not really surprising. Fan is short for fanatic, and that's what fans do. They obsess over things too much, but they really shouldn't when it comes to Djokovic.

He has proven his hunger many times over, and he is certainly working on getting better. It hasn't worked out lately, but the season is young; there is plenty of time left.


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