Alcaraz ‘Most Exciting Player That Has Ever Walked On Tennis Court’ Says Wilander

Alcaraz ‘Most Exciting Player That Has Ever Walked On Tennis Court’ Says Wilander

by Balasz Virag

Tennis has been starving for a real superstar for a while now and seemingly it is going to be Spain's Carlos Alcaraz.

Being a tennis fan in the past twenty years was a very good deal because every now and then you would get an iconic match thanks to the big three. Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have been the dominant force in tennis for the better part of the last two decades yet recently we've seen an influx of young players.

Most of them are pretty good but a lot of them lack what's needed to be a proper superstar. Either the style is not exciting enough or the consistency is not there or even the skill is not there. Enter Carlos Alcaraz. A super flashy player with a lot of aggressiveness and spectacular shot-making with pretty good consistency. He's comfortably cruising towards the status of a tennis superstar.

Mats Wilander has certainly no doubts about that because he's been able to see the palpable excitement people feel when they enter the stands for one of his matches. We haven't seen it for a while in tennis. He even bestowed upon him 'the most exciting ever' tag which is remarkable.

The anticipation level of people when they watch Carlos Alcaraz play - I have never experienced another tennis player where the fans are so enthusiastic about a tennis player, whether it's a male player or a female player. To me, Carlos Alcaraz seems to be the most exciting tennis player that has ever walked on a tennis court, and maybe more so because we don't really know if he's going to be a great champion or he's going to be stuck maybe just winning the US Open once.

It's not just the pundits who think that way, the players are well aware as well. Djokovic picked him as the main favourite for Roland Garros and many have followed suit. He's the favourite for Eurosport analyst Corretja as well though not the overwhelming one according to Bartoli.

We'll see how it unfolds but for now, he is the number one player in the world and according to Wilander the most exciting one as well. The latter probably won't change after Roland Garros though the former might.


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