Djokovic Dismisses Favourite Talks Ahead Of Roland Garros, Says It’s Alcaraz

Djokovic Dismisses Favourite Talks Ahead Of Roland Garros, Says It’s Alcaraz

by Kadir Macar

Novak Djokovic has dismissed the favourite mantle proclaiming Carlos Alcaraz as the favourite for Roland Garros.

With the withdrawal of Rafael Nadal from Roland Garros, the focus immediately shifted to Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz. The latter is the number one player in the world, the top seed of the event and a rising star with a noted track record on clay.

The former is a legendary player who is likely to go down as the greatest tennis player to have ever lived though he's not particularly comfortable with the favourite mantle. To him, it's clearly Alcaraz with the way he played so far this year.

He's No. 1 in the world, and he's a player that won big titles on clay this season. So right now, you know, he is the biggest favourite regardless of the fact that he has, you know, 1 GrandSlam and I have 22. I mean, still, we look at the last few months and the kind of shape and the form that he's having and that I'm having, I think he's a slightly bigger favourite.

Djokovic proclaims Alcaraz as favourite

Like many, Djokovic considers the draw to be quite wide open because everyone's favourite (Nadal) is not playing. It's not just Alcaraz or himself, it's also players like Holger Rune and Jannik Sinner who are capable of winning the event.

have to say, first, because I mentioned some of the names that are in top of the favorites list and I missed Sinner. I'm sorry for that. He'sdefinitely right up there as one of the leaders of the next generation that is coming up. Obviously, him included with Rune and Alcaraz that you mentioned.

One thing that neither of these players have is experience. Djokovic has plenty of experience which could be an asset for him, especially with the longer best-of-five format. He understands that is a factor in big events like that.

Grand Slams are a different tournament, a different sport in a way, because you're, you know, playing best-of-five, you are playing in the most important tournaments in the world, and the experience is on my side, but how much will that play a role in eventual head-to-head if I get to play him or not, we'll get to see.


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