Zverev Parts Ways With Coach Bruguera Ahead Of Roland Garros

Zverev Parts Ways With Coach Bruguera Ahead Of Roland Garros

by Zachary Wimer

Alexander Zverev is no longer working with Sergi Bruguera as he revealed ahead of the 2023 Roland Garros.

The news comes just as the clay court season is ramping up, with all eyes turned toward the upcoming Roland Garros. Bruguera has been in Zverev's corner since May of 2022, but he hasn't spent much time with the German on the ATP Tour as his career-threatening injury came in June.

Ahead of the second Grand Slam of the season, where he's a defending semifinalist, Zverev spoke to the media and revealed that the Spanish coach is no longer part of his team and that the decision came already after the event in Madrid.

"Sergi is no longer part of the team. It was always a clear plan that he is with me because my father didn't feel well in terms of health. We decided together with Sergi after Madrid a few weeks ago that we finish our work."

The main reason for the split was mostly differing perspectives on how to navigate his tennis journey post-injury.

"My father, Sergi, and myself, we don't have the same opinion of how I should approach my tennis, how I should play tennis after my injury. I had another opinion, we tried."

However, he held Sergi in high regard, lauding his contribution and support during a challenging period when Zverev's father was indisposed due to health issues.

"But he is a superb person. I don't have a single bad word to say about him. He helped me extremely [well for] one-and-a-half years ago until Paris last year, in times where my father was not there. I wish him nothing but the best for the future."

The path forward for Zverev seems to be one of familiarity, with a hint of introspection and a return to a comfortable setting. He emphasized the need to rediscover his confidence and courage on the court, which he believes has faltered in the wake of his injury. Whether the absence of Bruguera will play a part in this transformation is a matter of speculation.

"For me, I want to go back on my path and I want to be in this familiar environment again. The different opinions were perhaps a bit bigger than we thought after the injury. Before it was crystal clear how I should play tennis. I had confidence and courage on the court and for me it is time to find that back and there are different ways to achieve that. I didn't see this way for me now anymore."


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