Alcaraz Claims To Be 'Complete Player' After Another Win At Roland Garros

Alcaraz Claims To Be 'Complete Player' After Another Win At Roland Garros

by Kadir Macar

Carlos Alcaraz is the current world number one, a fabulous player and a complete one according to none other than himself.

The Spaniard left very little to the imagination about his potential since breaking out last year proving himself to be one of the best players in the world rather quickly. He won his maiden grand slam trophy at the US Open last year becoming the youngest world number one on the ATP Tour in the process.

The praises don't stop coming with Mats Wilander recently calling him the most exciting player ever to walk the court and John McEnroe calling him the best 20-year-old tennis player he has ever seen. According to Alcaraz himself, he's also a complete player, which at 20 seems incredible, as he revealed after his third-round win at the 2023 Roland Garros. He truly doesn't have a major weakness which makes the future really bright.

Well, I would say I'm a complete player. You know, I would say the stronger thing that I have on court is that I push to the limit, I push the opponent to the limit every time. He has to do great things, great stuff to work on my -- to overcome me. I would say that, that I'm over there every point playing great points. And I don't lose the focus. I would say that's my strong, you know, thing on court.

You could argue that Alcaraz does lose focus at times losing a few points here and there. He tends to get carried away a few times as well but he doesn't really lose focus for an entire set. It's usually a very quick snap back to focus which is the trait of greats. Asked about the tennis balls, Alcaraz confirmed that the balls are a bit tricky to handle but he adapted well to it.

Well, I feel that. I feel that for me is tougher, the ball goes slower, is tougher to, you know, to hit the ball as strong as I want (smiling). But, you know, I'm a guy who adapt his game really good. So I adapt my game into the ball really good.


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