'Disrespectful': Djokovic Slams Fans That 'Boo Every Single Thing'

'Disrespectful': Djokovic Slams Fans That 'Boo Every Single Thing'

by Sebastian Dahlman

Undeterred by on-court challenges, Novak Djokovic finds himself facing a different kind of battle at the 2023 Roland Garros, disrespectful fan behavior.

After his third-round victory over Alejandro Davidovich Fokina at the 2023 Roland Garros, the Serb opened up about his complex relationship with the Paris crowd. Also in his third-round match, Djokovic was booed after he elected to take a medical time out.

This introspection was prompted by questions about the perceived hostility towards him, particularly amplified during this tournament. His response elucidated the fickle nature of public support, a topic not often discussed candidly among the tennis elite.

Undeniably, Djokovic's path to tennis greatness has been a rollercoaster ride, paved with both immense public adoration and hostility. The 36-year-old admitted that the crowd's cheer has bolstered his spirit in challenging finals and crucial moments of his career.

"Up and down, I would say, throughout my career. They gave me a lot of support I think the years where I was losing in finals or, you know, the last couple of steps before winning a title. Those years, you know, I received quite a lot of support and love, and I was very grateful for that. I have wonderful memories."

On the other hand, Djokovic acknowledges a sect of spectators that appears to derive pleasure from booing his every move. While he would like them not to act in a disrespectful way, the Serb states that it's their right.

"I still get support, you know, even today. I think majority of the people comes to enjoy tennis or support one or the other player. But they are individuals. You know, they are people, they're groups or whatever, that love to boo every single thing you do. That's something that I find disrespectful and I frankly don't understand that. But it's their right. They paid the ticket. They can do whatever they want."

He also discussed his approach to such situations. While he isn't bothered by it most of the time, Djokovic admitted that sometimes he may say something.

"At times, you know, I will stay quiet. Not at times. Actually 99% of the time I will stay quiet. Sometimes I will oppose that, because I feel when somebody is disrespectful, you know, he or she deserves to have an answer to that. That's what it is all about."


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