Nadal Missed Out On Having One Of Greatest Backhands According To Agassi

Nadal Missed Out On Having One Of Greatest Backhands According To Agassi

by Jordan Reynolds

Andre Agassi has named the one thing he would like to see from Rafael Nadal after he played against Carlos Alcaraz in an exhibition.

The exhibition contest was broadcast on Netflix for millions of fans to watch. It was also the first time that Nadal had played a match of any kind since competing in Brisbane at the start of the year.

Alcaraz narrowly prevailed after a thoroughly enjoyable meeting between the pair that gave the fans in the stadium value for money. Overall, there are many things that could be learned from the exhibition.

The attention of both players now turns to the opening ATP Masters 1000 event of the year. In fact, the Indian Wells Open draw has been released. Alcaraz received a bye in the opening round, while Nadal starts against Milos Raonic.

Ahead of that event, Andre Agassi, who commentated at the Netflix Slam exhibition, had some very interesting words about one of the shots in Nadal's game.

"One thing I would have loved to seen with Rafa over the years is if he gave himself the green light to let his backhand fly. I truly believe we'd be talking about one of the greatest backhands that ever played the game."

Agassi then contrasted this with how Nadal controls rallies with his formidable forehand, but the American feels the 22-time Grand Slam champion can do anything with his backhand when he is more aggressive with it.

"But instead he can do so much with his forehand, he can do so much with controlling the point with percentage, He's constantly making the decision: why do something if you don't have... I think it might help him a lot if he releases the beats on the backhand side because when he amps it up there's not a ball he can't hit with it."

Of course, Agassi had one of the greatest backhands ever seen in tennis. This makes his insight even more fascinating, and it is possible that Nadal could listen to someone like Agassi.


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