WATCH: Rafael Nadal's Son Steals The Show During Netflix Slam In Las Vegas

WATCH: Rafael Nadal's Son Steals The Show During Netflix Slam In Las Vegas

by Zachary Wimer

Rafael Nadal was supposed to be the only star 'Nadal' at the Netflix Slam in Las Vegas, but the junior stole the show.

The 22-time major winner was in Las Vegas for the Netlix Slam exhibition against Carlos Alcaraz but he wasn't the only Nadal in attendance. He had a good part of his family there with him including his father, sister, wife, and son who actually stole the show during the match.

Nadal spoke a bit about his son during the match, admitting that he was unsure whether he would remain still as he likes to move around. He also admitted that having his kid around is certainly inspiring, even if he's unaware of what is going on.

"Well, it's great. Yeah, I think it's great inspiration, doesn't matter if he doesn't know anything. For the moment. I don't know if he will leave soon because he's not used to staying calm for a long time. He likes to move around."

Nadal was right because his son didn't remain still, and he actually entertained himself with a mini racket during the match. His mother was watching over him but the junior clearly is quite familair with the balls and rackets. It's no wonder because he grew up in an environment surrounded by it.

Whether the junior ultimately ends up in tennis like his father remains to be seen, but Nadal is famously on the record for not being too enthusiastic about it.

"I would prefer that (my son) practice another sport. It pains me to say it with everything that tennis has given me ... If he wants to play tennis, I will support him. But if he plays another sport, better."

In any case, the footage of junior playing with rackets went viral on social media, as many fans simply loved it. We might be seeing the first tennis steps of a future legend.


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