'We Would Lose Against A Man': Swiatek Highlights Different Beauty Of Women's Tennis

'We Would Lose Against A Man': Swiatek Highlights Different Beauty Of Women's Tennis

by Zachary Wimer

Iga Swiatek highlighted the beauty of women's tennis in the debate between men's and women's tennis after winning the 2024 Madrid Open.

For far too long the question about men's and women's sports focused on biology and who is stronger or faster. However, as women's sports often prove, it's not just about that.

Swiatek and Aryna Sabalenka are just two players who show how great women's tennis can be. Their final match at the WTA 1000 tournament in Madrid was also quite exciting because it was more of a nail-biter than most men's tennis matches this year.

That is what fans should be focusing on, according to the Pole. As Swiatek pointed out after the Madrid Open final, if she were to play against a man, she'd most likely lose, but the true competitiveness comes from the matchup.

A match between two men can be great, as can a match between two women. Ultimately, it's all just tennis, and it's more about the individuals matching up than anything else.

"I think, obviously if we would have to play against a man we would lose. It's not about that. It's about how two players match against each other. So I think we can play great matches. You know, I'm No. 1, but I'm seeing these girls in the top 10, we can play such intense battles."

Swiatek speaks on women's tennis

Both variants of tennis, men's and women's, can be enjoyed, and it's because it's not only about the raw power, but also about the storylines, emotions, and competition, as both are equally great and entertaining.

"I think it's all about what emotions it brings in people, and I think it's not that you should compare the level of tennis, but you should compare, like, what it gives you when you watch it. I think people can take a lot from watching women's tennis, and it can be interesting and emotional."


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