WATCH: Tennis Fans Outraged By Controlling Behaviour Of Swiatek's Psychologist

WATCH: Tennis Fans Outraged By Controlling Behaviour Of Swiatek's Psychologist

by Evita Mueller

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Tennis fans were outraged to see what they perceived as very 'controlling' behaviour by Iga Swiatek’s sports psychologist in an episode of Break Point.

The Tennis Netflix show Break Point is once again in the headlines as the show aires the second part of the first season following the first part which aired earlier this year. It gave tennis fans an insight into the behind-the-scenes with very raw footage that we generally don't get to see.

One of those scenes created quite a bit of outrage among fans on social media. Iga Swiatek was getting a haircut with her sports psychologist Daria Abramowicz also present. The Polish player was asked what kind of haircut she wants with her psychologist jumping in with a suggestion that Swiatek didn't agree with.

She stepped into dismissing the suggestion by Abramowicz with the psychologist giving Swiatek an interesting look which some described as 'creepy'. It was certainly a bit of a weird exchange, quite tense if you will which is somewhat strange as they have a real bond.

Swiatek herself talked about how crucial Abramowicz has been for her career, especially in making her stronger mentally. That's one part of her career that needed to be worked on as she broke down in tears more than once during matches. Since starting to take care of her mental health, Swiatek became a passionate advocate for the cause.

She's donated funds towards that as well as using her platform to urge people to work on their mental health. There was certainly a shift in her career as well as she became a mental giant who breaks down her opponents brutally on the court, very Djokovic-like. Back to the exchange. Check out the transcript and the video below.

Abramowicz: We just have to make sure that she is able to tie it back up.

Swiatek: I refuse to sacrifice my hair for the sport when everything else is.


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