'We Have To Include Serena Williams': Roddick On GOAT Debate

'We Have To Include Serena Williams': Roddick On GOAT Debate

by Balasz Virag

Former world number one Andy Roddick believes that Serena Williams needs to be included in the GOAT debate.

The GOAT debate is a never-ending question in tennis and while many have an opinion, a lot of them are bypassing Serena Williams. When people discuss the greatest of all time they completely forget about the women's side of the sports focusing mostly on men.

According to former player Andy Roddick, who spoke to MSNBC as per Sportskeeda, that might be fine but fans can't disregard the fact that Serena Williams is one of the most decorated players in tennis history, and the most decorated on the WTA Tour. As of now, she has the same number of grand slam trophies as Novak Djokovic (23).

I think we have to include obviously Serena Williams in that conversation [of greatest tennis players in history]. Yeah, [Djokovic is the greatest among men’s tennis players] totally. You know, you might like another player more, you might be emotionally attached to someone more, you might like their playing style more.

Roddick on the GOAT debate

While the question will always be divisive, many assume that Djokovic will put together such a compelling case that you won't be able to argue against him. Quite a few are already there. It's something Djokovic deeply cares about even though he refrains from partaking in the debate.

But it's impossible to make a numerical argument against history with regards to Novak Djokovic being the most accomplished player of all time and he's still going. His body doesn't look like an older body. He still looks young and dominant.

He is just a master of tactics, taking care of his body. Early on in his career, he would cramp, he would kind of get into trouble in really extreme conditions. To be able to turn that over the course of her career is something to be admired.


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