WATCH: 'Scariest Night': Yastremska Shares Footage Of Hiding From Missile Attacks

WATCH: 'Scariest Night': Yastremska Shares Footage Of Hiding From Missile Attacks

by Zachary Wimer

Dayana Yastremska is not even a full month away from her tremendous Australian Open run, and she's had to hide from missiles in her native Ukraine.

The difference between the two images is incredibly stark, and it just shows the different realities Ukranians operate during this difficult time. Picture Yastremska, who is not even a full month away from doing amazing things at the Australian Open.

For a while, she looked like a possible finalist, even though it didn't come to that. She was playing tennis in a peaceful country and enjoying her life one day. Then she flew back home to Odesa in Ukraine, a city that isn't even on the frontlines, and she was greeted by missiles.

That's the reality for Ukrainian tennis players, as Yastremska showed on social media. She posted a video of herself and her family sheltering from incoming missile attacks in an underground car park, not even a bomb shelter, but a car park.

Often, the players get criticized for the emotions they feel towards Russian players, but one thing that many often don't see is the stress that these players often operate under.

The video in question has captions on it where Yastremska points out that this was a terrifying experience for her because she never experienced as many rockets near her as this time around.

"Today is the scariest night for me. I've heard more than ever rackets near by me. And we're still here at the parking. People, if we can call you people, can you stop doing this sh*t."

It's not the first time either, as she and her sister fled the city the first time Odesa was attacked. She had to leave her parents behind at that time, and it was just a hugely scary situation, and it's still not over.


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