'Very Immoral': Osaka's New Coach Slammed For 'Breaking Contract' By Former Protege

'Very Immoral': Osaka's New Coach Slammed For 'Breaking Contract' By Former Protege

by Evita Mueller

Chinese number one on the WTA Tour, Qinwen Zheng revealed the reason why her coach, Wim Fissette wasn't with her at the Asian Games.

Qinwen Zheng is a really talented player who is getting better rapidly. She represented her country at the Asian Games, ending up as the champion after beating compatriot Lin Zhu in the final. She's certainly one of the best young players with tremendous weapons and a very bright future.

Noted coach Wim Fissette recognized that pretty early and jumped on the opportunity to work with her, and it was going really well. She's right around 20th in the world and fairly young, with stardom pretty much ensured in the coming years.

But it will happen without Fissette because the coach left Zheng for another player. As comical as that reads, it's really what happened as they stopped working together after the US Open, and she opened up about what happened following her Asian Games triumph.

He broke the contract and it is very immoral. This is his choice and I will respect that. Even though this brings some harm to me and my family. I don't want to talk about that person right now, don't want to talk about him.

Zheng breaks silence on her split with Fissette

It's quite a move by Fissette, who obviously coached Naomi Osaka in the past, and now it seems, that he will likely be her coach once she returns in 2024. She's been working for a while toward a return that should happen at the Australian Open, and she should do it with her former coach, which indirectly saddened Zheng.

Zheng is clearly not happy, but as this run showed, she's good enough to overcome that, and there will be plenty of coaches willing to work with this rising star.


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