'Time To Move On': Gauff Doesn't Want To Dwell On US Open Triumph For Too Long

'Time To Move On': Gauff Doesn't Want To Dwell On US Open Triumph For Too Long

by Sebastian Dahlman

Coco Gauff is a Grand Slam champion as of recently, but she has already moved on from that, looking forward to the upcoming events.

It's been a very fruitful time back on US soil for Coco Gauff, who won trophies in basically consecutive weeks. Each trophy was the biggest she had ever won then, culminating with the US Open trophy as the last one.

She took some time off after that but is already back on the tennis court in Beijing, looking forward to her next event, which is the 2023 China Open. It's going to be her first one since becoming a Grand Slam champion, and everybody wants to see how she handles it.

Gauff spoke leading up to the event admitting that she's already moved on and looking forward to the next events.

It was honestly a little bit weird. because it was just one of the biggest things in your life, then you go home and you're back to cleaning and doing all the regular stuff that you do. But I'm not surprised. I know I have lots of tennis left in me. I don't want to just dwell on this. It was amazing, but it's time to move on.

While most of the things she did were chill at home, Gauff did celebrate with family and friends. The American explained what that looked like, adding that she took a week off, the most she's ever taken off from tennis.

Once I got home, it was pretty chill. I took a week off, which is the longest I've ever taken off from tennis. It was a little bit weird having nothing to do. Then we had a little celebration with all my friends and family could go to in Florida.

After that, right back to training and back to getting back to work, which honestly, I was eager to get back. A week was a long time for me to take off.


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