'Tsitsipas Is Easily A Potential World No. 1' According To Girlfriend Badosa

'Tsitsipas Is Easily A Potential World No. 1' According To Girlfriend Badosa

by Nurein Ahmed

Injury-stricken WTA star Paula Badosa has full faith in boyfriend Stefanos Tsitsipas' abilities and believes he is a potential World No. 1.

Badosa and Tsitsipas are undoubtedly the most ostentatious power couple in tennis right now since they decided to go public with their relationship earlier this year. While their relationship is still in its infancy stage, the pair have a strong affection towards each other, traveling to tennis tournaments together almost regularly.

Being prominent tennis players, Badosa and Tsitsipas have both been very supportive of each other on the tennis court. While Badosa is currently out of action due to a serious back injury, she's channeled her focus and energy towards her Greek boyfriend in a bid to motivate him to realize his career goals.

Tsitsipas did not conceal his overall objective that he wants to become a future World No. 1, which would surpass Badosa's career-high mark of No. 2. In an interview with Greek publication SDNA, and reported exclusively by Clay Tenis, the Manhattan-born Spaniard reckons it is well within his reach and capabilities to achieve that.

"Before I even met him I loved how he played, his charisma on court. He’s a fighter, he has variety in his game. He is a potential number one, easily. He is one of the best players in the world, but I think he hasn’t reached his limit yet."

"Stefanos is easily a potential world number one. He hasn’t reached his ceiling yet. That’s why I want to support him, because I believe his potential has no limits He has so much inside him and for sure we will see much more in the future."

Badosa, who is on the precipice of exiting the world's Top 50, shut down her season due to a stress fracture that resurfaced during the US swing and is expected to return at some time in January ahead of the 2024 Australian Open.


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