Tennis Fans React To Swiatek's Choice Of Dress Amid 'Hot Mess' With Dress Code In Cancun

Tennis Fans React To Swiatek's Choice Of Dress Amid 'Hot Mess' With Dress Code In Cancun

by Nurein Ahmed

Iga Swiatek's choice of color, completely different from the other seven women at the WTA Finals gala generated a buzz on social media among tennis fans.

Swiatek rocked the iconic photoshoot for this year's Finals in Cancun, Mexico, dressed in all red, while the other participants in the singles field were clad in all white. Tennis fans with a penchant for fashion reacted spontaneously to the Pole's decision to stick to a red dress designed by Magda Butrym.

Swiatek's backless, long-sleeved bodycon dress was plastered with three red flowers around the neck. The 22-year-old complemented her dazzling and distinct dress with a glowing makeup touch and black stud earrings.

The look received widespread compliments from fans who also joked about the mismatch in her dress color in comparison to the other competitors. But it seems there was a breakdown in communication, as per a tweet from Australian player Ellen Perrez who is set to compete in the doubles draw at the WTA Finals.

Perez, who is set to partner Nichole Melichar-Martinez in doubles, described the dress code as "a hot mess" when the discussion began at the WTA Elite Trophy gala.

"Cancun's dress code is a hot mess. Went from all white to colours allowed to casual not too formal but with the request it be tropical. So honestly the message has been so mixed up I pray."

In a tweet by the WTA account on X (formerly Twitter), one fan asserted that the Pole did not receive the memo, saying, "Nobody gave Iga Swiatek the memo to make sure that you dress in white."

Another fan made a premature pronouncement regarding this year's WTA Finals iconic photo captured with a seaside view of Cancun. The tweet read, "Notice how the winner is wearing a different color." Swiatek has never won the WTA Finals in her career, as the other seven women in the draw.

One fan felt that Swiatek's distinct look added spice to the photo, "All eight people in white would look so boring though, this adds spice."

Criticism of the photographer did not go unnoticed, with one commenter saying, "I think that they look gorgeous, but the photo is terrible. Looks like taken by a local photographer that just got his first camera."


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