Swiatek Hopes To Avoid Booing From 'Harsh & Enthusiastic' Roland Garros Crowd

Swiatek Hopes To Avoid Booing From 'Harsh & Enthusiastic' Roland Garros Crowd

Iga Swiatek is one of the players still in the main draw of Roland Garros that hasn't been booed and she hopes to keep it that way.

The French Open has been going a while now and we haven't seen many days without boos from the crowd. It's been quite an epidemic at this year's event with several players getting booed for various reasons. One of the main reasons has been the no handshake policy employed by a lot of Ukrainian tennis players.

One of those happened on Tuesday as Elina Svitolina was booed following her loss to Aryna Sabalenka in the quarter-final. We've seen players like Taylor Fritz being booed for provoking the crowd, Novak Djokovic celebrating heavily as well as Daniil Medvedev and others clashing with the crowd. Iga Swiaek hasn't been booed so far and she hopes to keep it that way with only a few matches remaining.

Well, I'm pretty fortunate to not have these experiences yet. (Laughter.) But, well, they are sometimes harsh, I can say, but on the other hand, they are really enthusiastic. Honestly, it's great that even on qualification or first rounds, we sometimes have, you know, full stadiums or full courts somewhere, and the tournament actually makes it easier for people to attend and come, I guess. The atmosphere is great.

Swiatek generally isn't a controversial player that clashes with umpires or argues a lot of calls. When you're that good and when you're serving bagels left and right there is very little reason to argue a call. She'll just win the next one. On another note, she did admit that she's trying to be on her best behaviour, but that's more general and not related to this event in particular.

Even having like when Daniil was playing first round, Mexican wave on a first round, that's pretty crazy. I know they are pretty enthusiastic, and I also know they are kind of picky and sometimes they don't like certain situations. So I'm trying to be polite and not to discuss with umpires a lot. I just hope, I don't know, they are going to show more enthusiasm and less negative booing and stuff on my matches and I'll do my best to behave properly


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