Serena Williams Causes Frenzy With Cryptic Message Hinting At Tennis Comeback

Serena Williams Causes Frenzy With Cryptic Message Hinting At Tennis Comeback

by Zachary Wimer

Serena Williams has been out of tennis for a while now, retiring almost two years ago, but she might come back to sport, as her cryptic social media post suggested.

After her retirement, the American player dismissed coming back to the sport multiple times. Williams is an iconic player, and most people believe that even a 50-year-old Serena Williams could be beating opponents.

After all, legendary Martina Navratilova won a mixed doubles major at 49 only around two decades ago, and if there's someone who could match her, it's Serena.

What is true right now is that Williams is retired, even though she never specifically used those words herself. Looking back at how she framed her goodbye from tennis, Williams used the word 'evolve,' which leaves the door open for her future decisions.

There have been some hints here and there about her possibly returning to the sport, but nothing concrete has ever happened. Some certainly believe that Williams could come back to the sport and even do well, but that would be a bold claim.

The last time she played was at the 2022 US Open, and many months have passed since then. Although she appeared on a tennis court a few times since then, it wasn't a serious practice but more of a relaxed session.

However, if we take her most recent post on X quite literally, it could mean she will pick up her racket very soon. Williams posted a very cryptic message on X, formerly Twitter, proclaiming that she is ready to hit some balls again.

"I’m ready to hit some balls again."

Williams on X

The message itself is very vague, but it implies one thing pretty clearly. What is not known is how seriously Williams means it because even Roger Federer has likely hit some balls weekly since he retired, and he's not coming back to tennis.

It created some frenzy among her fans on social media, who are already picking dates for her comeback tournament.


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