Sabalenka Reflects On 'Tough Loss To Accept' From Madrid Open Final Against Swiatek

Sabalenka Reflects On 'Tough Loss To Accept' From Madrid Open Final Against Swiatek

by Zachary Wimer

Aryna Sabalenka lost to Iga Swiatek in the Madrid Open final, and she admitted it was a tough loss to accept, but she overcame it after a few days.

Sabalenka is a two-time Madrid Open champion, as it's just a WTA 1000 event that she likes to play. The ball flies really fast, which makes her power a tremendous weapon. It's so tough to play her there that even the best among the best struggle to handle her.

Swiatek lost in the final last year, but she got her revenge this year by beating the Belarusian in the final. It was a tough loss for her to accept because she wanted to win and was actually inches away from winning because she had match points.

She didn't win in the end, because Swiatek played really well and ultimately deserved to win. In a talk with the Tennis Channel at the 2024 Italian Open in Rome, Sabalenka spoke about how she dealt with the loss.

"That was definitely a tough match. Tough loss to accept but at the same time on those match points , it's not like I missed easy points, she played incredible tennis. Probably I didn't play aggressive enough and she actually did a little bit better."

Sabalenka on the Madrid Open loss

Losing is part of the sport because tennis players lose multiple times each year. Some of the best lose less than the rest, but they have to learn how to lose in order to be a tennis player.

Tennis players can't allow losses to impact them because, as many say, they lose almost every week. True to that, Sabalenka confirmed she was over it in a few days.

"I mean I struggled for a couple of days but then I was okay, it's in the past. We just move on. Next time I'll try a little bit better on the match points, if I get to the match points."


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