Nadal To Play Roland Garros Even If He Has Only '0.01% Chance To Win'

Nadal To Play Roland Garros Even If He Has Only '0.01% Chance To Win'

by Zachary Wimer

Rafael Nadal is unsure about his Roland Garros participation, but he revealed what the situation looks like now.

Nadal's most recent match was a bad loss against Hubert Hurkacz in Rome. Judging by that match, his chances at Roland Garros aren't the best, but there is still time for him to prepare for the event.

He plans to give it his all in preparation for that, but obviously, it will depend on many variables. Speaking after losing in Rome, Nadal admitted that he won't play Roland Garros if he feels like there is no chance for him to win.

He wants to go there and play competitively because it's a special tournament for him, and he wants that memory. But he won't be going there just to lose. If he feels like he has a chance to win, no matter how small it is, he will be there.

"I don't want to play Roland Garros if I have to go with caution and without being able to give my maximum effort, as happened in Barcelona and Madrid. It has been such a special tournament in my career and of so much sentimental value for me, that I would prefer to keep another memory. It will be hard if I'm not there, but I will only play if I feel competitive."

"I will only play if I feel like I can give 100% of my chances. If that doesn't help me win a single game, I will accept it, but I don't see myself walking onto the court knowing that I have no option. If there is a 0.01% possibility I want to try, but if I have absolutely none, I prefer not to play."

It's impossible to assess Nadal's current situation. It's clearly not ideal, but he's certainly capable of winning a few matches.


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