Sabalenka Joins Supporters Of New Wimbledon Underwear Rule

Sabalenka Joins Supporters Of New Wimbledon Underwear Rule

by Evita Mueller

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Aryna Sabalenka was asked about the new Wimbledon underwear rule and she joined her WTA colleagues in praising the move.

For the longest time, Wimbledon employed a strict all-white rule that included underwear which left a lot of women uneasy about playing at the event. Plenty of them happen to be on their period during the fortnight of action and wearing clothes that easily show was quite nerve-wracking for many.

While the topic shouldn't be taboo in this day and age it's still something private that the whole world doesn't need to know about. For that reason, women campaigned for the longest time to have the rule changed and ultimately it proved successful. Wimbledon announced late last year that they are changing the rules and giving players options to choose the colour of their underwear.

It was widely praised as legendary players like Billie Jean King chimed in by calling it long overdue. Longtime WTA veteran Victoria Azarenka praised the change as an important step while other players like Coco Gauff expressed relief about the change. Aryna Sabalenka praised the choice as well as players now have the option to choose what colour they like.

I really like that we still keep playing in the white clothes, but I really like that we have an option for the shorts. I think like dark green shorts looks really cool on the grass. It's really cool to have an option at the Wimbledon.

The all-white dress code is something unique to Wimbledon and as Sabalenka said, it's something players generally like. Even so, Wimbledon was urged to modernize and they have slowly found ways to relax the rules a little bit but still keep the all-white dress code.

Just the other day, Sinner was allowed to bring in a coloured Gucci bag onto the court which wouldn't have been possible in previous years.


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