Raducanu's 'Constant Team Changes Are Affecting Her Game' Says Mouratoglou

Raducanu's 'Constant Team Changes Are Affecting Her Game' Says Mouratoglou

by Zachary Wimer

Former coach of Serena Williams, Patrick Mouratoglou, believes that Emma Raducanu needs to find stability to be great again.

Emma Raducanu's career has been quite interesting to observe. From the rapid rise to the fall from grace, the British player has a lot to prove in 2024. She took most of 2023 off to fix some physical issues that bothered her until then and will return soon to rebuild her career.

The journey will be exciting for Raducanu, who talked about it in the past, noting that she's looking for a fresh start. It will happen in Auckland in over a week, and fans are excited to see it. Patrick Mouratoglou will be watching closely, and the Frenchman spoke to Express about Raducanu's career.

Of course for Emma it is about her being fit but not only that. She has been injured but she has also not been injured and not performing. I think that the constant changing of her team is affecting her game for sure.

In this sport - in any sport and whatever you do in life - it is very important to have a goal and have milestones and a project for you. And when you change coach, you change the project and it is impossible to reach the top when you change coaches too often.

It's a pretty long take by Mouratoglou, but it's hardly a surprising one. He's a tennis coach, so he'll naturally believe in stability and consistency. It's also not that different from what other former players talked about, as there is merit to that idea.

A chaotic coaching carousel like that of her rarely works in tennis, which is why everybody is urging her to really find stability. She returned to a former coach ahead of her comeback, so we'll see what becomes of it, but it's go-time. It's time to prove it on the court, and Mouratoglou is keen to see it.

“I hope for her that firstly she is injury free and second, she finds someone that she trusts and she is able to stay with that person long enough so that they can work on a development plan for her to become great again because it was too short the period she played her best tennis.”


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