Raducanu Reveals What Was The 'Best Investment' In Her Career

Raducanu Reveals What Was The 'Best Investment' In Her Career

by Zachary Wimer

Emma Raducanu is a pretty dedicated professional, and she has to make many investments during her tennis career.

The British player became world famous by winning the US Open as a qualifier. We haven't really seen that before, so it catapulted to instant fame overnight. It was great for her, but expectations rose dramatically.

She struggled with it initially, and a few bad losses quickly made her a one-hit wonder in some of the media. That was tough, so much so that she famously said that she wished she never won it in the first place.

These words would be regretted by Raducanu, who has grown considerably as a person since that initial breakout. Dealing with injuries and a long time away from the court gave her a chance to really process all of it, so now she's very comfortable with where she's at.

Her comeback this year has been very shaky, but nobody is really surprised by that. It takes time to find her best tennis, and investing time in herself is very crucial.

She was asked recently by Harpers Bazaar about investing in herself, and she mentioned her team as something she really invested in.

"As athletes, our professional teams are very expensive, so that would be my biggest investment. From physio, fitness and tennis to food and discipline, all are investments – whether in terms of money or time – and all are in a bid to make our general ‘health’, plus our physical and mental levels, improve."

Raducanu on her team

Having a strong team is vital for a tennis player, but not everybody can really afford it. Raducanu can, and she did, hoping that it would help her get back to the level she had at the US Open so she could possibly win another Grand Slam.


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