"Now I hate everything" - Kasatkina vents after painful WTA Finals loss

"Now I hate everything" - Kasatkina vents after painful WTA Finals loss

by Sebastian Dahlman

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Daria Kasatkina lost a very close match to Caroline Garcia at the WTA Finals ending her maiden experience at the event.

The Russian had opportunities to win the match but ultimately came up short after playing a rather strong match. When it came to the final set tiebreak, Kasatkina's abysmal decisions became the deciding factor as a few cheap errors made all the difference.

"One or two points, obviously, in the tiebreak,” said Kasatkina while explaining the loss. “I think level was pretty close. Third set, wasn’t a big difference between us. When you don’t want to lose, you squeeze everything you have, everything that’s left in your tank, so this is what I was doing. Now, I feel absolutely empty."

For the Russian, who had a real chance of winning the match, the defeat is a bitter pill to swallow. After the game, she was pretty vocal about her dissatisfaction and didn't mince words.: "Of course, now I hate everything."

"Super disappointed, I don’t want to do anything. Of course, I have to be objective and I have to say this season was the best in my career. Honestly, at the beginning of the season, if you tell me that I’m going to be here now sitting, I would probably not trust you," concluded Kasatkina.


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