Naomi Osaka 'Wants To Get Back To World No. 1' According To Her Performance Coach

Naomi Osaka 'Wants To Get Back To World No. 1' According To Her Performance Coach

by Evita Mueller

Naomi Osaka is gearing up to return to tennis in about two months, and according to her performance coach, she wants to become world number one again.

Naomi Osaka is already back to practice, and it seems like her approach is very serious this time around. She seemingly stole her old coach from Qinwen Zheng, something that left the Chinese star devastated as it came out of nowhere.

It signals a willingness to take this seriously, which is good news for her fans. For quite a while, it seemed like Osaka wasn't prioritizing tennis in any sort of way, though that was partly due to her mental health struggles.

She seems to be doing much better now, and according to her performance coach, Florian Zitzelsberger, who she recently rehired, she's very motivated to get back to her best.

She’s super motivated and I’m super pumped to help her. She inspires the whole team with this champion mindset: she just wants to go for it. I’m hoping her opponents will read this and get a little bit afraid of her!

Where she is today is what makes working with her so inspiring. She wants to get back to world No. 1, she wants to win Grand Slams.

A lot of people are very excited about her comeback that's coming up because everything is pointing towards her being really great. Even when she struggled with her mental health, Osaka was still a crazy good tennis player who was winning matches.

If she's back to fully focusing on tennis and her recent moves seem like she is, then it's going to be tough for the rest of the year. Her popularity will also be a huge boost for the WTA Tour, which is a bit devoid of huge tennis stars right now.

Osaka is certainly one so let's hope that her comeback is as great as we all hope.


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