Badosa 'Hurt' By Negative Comments During Lengthy Injury Layoff

Badosa 'Hurt' By Negative Comments During Lengthy Injury Layoff

by Sebastian Dahlman

Paula Badosa admitted in a recent interview that she was hurt by the comments she read while being out with an injury.

Paula Badosa missed a lot of time this year due to injuries, especially in recent months, and it was a tough time. Not only did she have to endure not being able to do what she loved most, but she also had to deal with the inevitable negative comments.

Whatever you do as an athlete will always be judged, and you can't really win. There is always going to be a group of people tearing you down no matter what happens.

As someone open about her mental health struggles, Badosa struggles with it from time to time. She admitted it in a recent interview for El Pais, talking about the negative comments that did affect her.

I am not going to deny it. I'm a little hurt because I think it's judged too easy. It's very easy to see me from the outside, in a game, and say: 'she's already retired, or she's dedicated to doing this or that...', when they don't know the daily effort you're making.

I have been unemployed, but I have been working every day; the mental part, watching games, recovery... Everything that is not seen. But of course, since they don't see you compete, people judge and dismiss others very easily, and that hurts.

The comeback at the Billie Jean King Cup is going to be fascinating to watch as we haven't seen her play in a really long time. She hopes that all goes well, but there are no guarantees.

Be calm, little by little; This is a long process. I don't know how this injury will respond, but I expect a lot from myself because I am very demanding.

I only think about getting back to the level I was at before getting injured and the players I have in mind all the time are the top ten; I want to play against them. I want to feel like I'm there because I've always wanted to be the best. My mentality has always been like this.


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