Gauff & Pegula Lead Charge Of US Title Dominance On WTA Tour In 2023

Gauff & Pegula Lead Charge Of US Title Dominance On WTA Tour In 2023

by Sebastian Dahlman

Tennis is a global sport with many nations participating, but on the WTA Tour, it's been the United States that largely dominated.

The United States dominating a sport isn't something particularly new, as we've seen it in the past. The country is likely the strongest tennis nation in women's tennis of all time, and they have been the most successful nation in 2023 as well, at least when it comes to winning trophies.

The two main players for the United States on the WTA Tour this year have been Coco Gauff and Jessica Pegula. They both won singles trophies this year but also teamed up for a couple of doubles trophies.

They were part of the country's dominance this year; as all Americans won 10 singles trophies this year and 11 doubles trophies. Gauff contributed with four singles trophies, including the US Open, while Jessica Pegula added two, including the Japan Open recently.

They also combined to win two doubles trophies for the country. Besides them, there were also some other players winning trophies. Alycia Parks won a trophy earlier this year in Lyon, as did Madison Keys.

Lauren Davis and Ashlyn Krueger added a singles trophy a piece as well, and that's the ten singles trophies they won. When it comes to second place, it's actually the Czech Republic which makes sense.

They are traditionally a pretty strong tennis nation, and they backed it up with 14 trophies across the board. China was pretty solid, with nine trophies, and Germany added eight trophies. Russia had a couple, but they don't count towards the country's tally because of the war in Ukraine.

The United States once again dominated tennis and likely will even more next year. There are a couple of strong youngsters coming up as well, so the future is definitely looking very bright right now.


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