Mysteriously Retired Giorgi Accused Of 'Six Months Of Unpaid Rent' After Leaving Italy

Mysteriously Retired Giorgi Accused Of 'Six Months Of Unpaid Rent' After Leaving Italy

by Zachary Wimer

Camila Giorgi's story is truly fascinating in general, but this final chapter keeps getting more bizarre than anything we've seen before.

The Italian was a really solid tennis player at her peak. A few years ago, she was a WTA 1000 champion when she won the Canadian Open in Montreal in 2021. Giorgi was highly ranked at times and played a super aggressive type of tennis.

Her off-court life was equally interesting as her career, especially in recent years. Her father was a prominent figure on the tennis courts due to his explosive behavior during her matches, which caused quite a few controversies.

She herself has had some interesting moments, including a COVID-19 passport ordeal when she was accused of faking her COVID-19 vaccine pass.

She was actually supposed to face a court because of those charges. More recently, Giorgi appeared to retire from tennis as her name appeared on the list of retired tennis players on the ITIA website, without letting anyone publicly know about her retirement.

A few days later, she broke her silence to officially announce her retirement. Shortly after that, it was reported that Giorgi left Italy and relocated to the United States because of tax issues in the country.

Only a few days after that, the Italian was in the midst of another controversy, as she was accused of stealing and not paying rent in her former home in Italy.

According to Corriere Della Sera, Giorgi was accused of not having paid a six-month rent for a property on the outskirts of Florence. On top of that, she was also accused of taking thousands of dollars worth of furniture from the house with her.

The property owner shared his story with the Italian publication La Repubblica, but the Italian player has yet to comment on the matter. If the story proves to be truthful, similarly to the tax issues, it certainly shines a new light on her sudden retirement and relocation to the United States.


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