Giorgi To Face Trial Over Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Pass

Giorgi To Face Trial Over Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Pass

by Nurein Ahmed

Camila Giorgi has been missing from the tour for a while, and it is unclear whether her absence is linked to the latest reports from Italy.

On Saturday, it was revealed that The Vicenza Prosecutor's Office has formally indicted 21 people over the use of fake coronavirus vaccine passes at the height of the pandemic a couple of years ago.

Two of the high-profile names disclosed to the media are those of 22-year-old singer Francesca Calearo, known by her stage name Madame, and former WTA World No. 26 Camila Giorgi.

This is hardly a shocker because the Italian tennis star was previously investigated by police in December 2022 for allegedly possessing a fake COVID-19 vaccine certificate that would enable her to travel while competing on the tour.

A few days after that reveal, it emerged that Giorgi's family members had also obtained the said fraudulent passes. The doctor who had printed those certificates for Giorgi and her family, and more prominent people in Italy, came out and spilled the beans.

In January 2023, during a press conference at the Australian Open, Giorgi was confronted with questions about how she procured the COVID-19 pass and whether there was any truth to the allegations.

Giorgi categorically denied the accusations and admitted that she abided by the law and followed all protocols, including getting jabbed for the coronavirus multiple times under different medical doctors.

However, recent news this week suggests the 32-year-old might not have adhered to the law, as reported by several outlets in Italy.

According to Eurosport Italy, the deputy prosecutor Gianni Pipeschi shared the list of 21 people to the judge for a preliminary hearing, and it will be up to the magistrate to determine whether to institute a trial.

Giorgi dropped outside the world's Top 100 in recent weeks after succumbing to four straight defeats in January. She hasn't played a WTA tournament since Linz at the end of January.


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