Giorgi's doctor confirms player asked for fake COVID-19 documents

Giorgi's doctor confirms player asked for fake COVID-19 documents

by Zachary Wimer

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Camila Giorgi's doctor confirmed that the tennis player specifically asked for fake COVID-19 documents in order to avoid vaccination.

An investigation was recently opened into Giorgi possibly obtaining and using fake COVID-19 documents and her longtime doctor Daniela Grillone confirmed that she did ask for them. Grillone was charged by Italian police to have issued hundreds of those fake documents including to Giorgi who used them to travel around the world and play at events.

In an interview with Corriere del Veneto, Grillone confirmed that Giorgi asked for them:

“The Giorgi family has been under treatment with me for a long time. Camila Giorgi suffered from the so-called tennis elbow. Shortly before the beginning of summer, she had come asking for the possibility of obtaining false attestations of all the mandatory vaccines, as well as the Covid vaccine."

Grillone continued:

"I can confirm with absolute certainty that none of the vaccines against the Giorgi family have actually been administered. I have not received any payment in that case."

The Italian is set to compete at the Adelaide International 2 event with the Australian open next on her schedule.


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