Ashleigh Barty announces pregnancy

Ashleigh Barty announces pregnancy

by Kadir Macar

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Ashleigh Barty wanted to enjoy life besides tennis, and one of those things is to be a mother, and that's going to happen in 2023.

The Australian is one of the most talented tennis players to come out of her country, however, she cut her career short because of a personal decision, which she seemingly made around the time she has won the 2022 Australian Open.

Soon after her triumph, it wasn't clear when would Barty return to the tennis court, and a few weeks after that it became apparent that the answer is never, as she retired from the professional tennis and also lost the status as the WTA's world no. 1.

Now, almost a year a later, Barty is enjoying her life to the fullest, attending various events and exploring different business ventures, while also just spending time with her family.

Now, that family will become even bigger, and Barty certainly won't find any boredom in her life, as she's about to become a mother. The Australian announced the news on her social media platforms.

"2023 set to be the best year yet. We are so excited for our new adventure. Origi already the protective big sister."

Motherhood is definitely going to be a new experience for the Australian, but given how well she was able to stay organized and composed on the tennis court, it's something that she'll tackle with ease.

It will be a new chapter in her life, chapter full of memories and emotions. Then, maybe later in her career, with another chapter already written, the Australian may make a similar decision to some of her colleagues, and return to the competitive tennis, as one thing is clear for sure, and that's the fact that Barty won't lose her talent even if she spends a decade away from the tennis courts.


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