Gauff Values Role Of Social Media In Helping To 'Celebrate Our Differences'

Gauff Values Role Of Social Media In Helping To 'Celebrate Our Differences'

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff is an active social media user but she's not opposed to that because she feels that it made positive impact in certain areas.

Social media, as with anything, has both positive and negative sides. One of the negative sides is obviously the rampant social media abuse that players often get after losing. Gauff is not immune to that like any other player, but there is also the other side.

She admitted to spending hours on TikTok as one of her favourite free-time activities, and that's why she can observe also positive impacts of the social media. In a recent talk with the WTA Insider, Gauff spoke about what she likes about social media and how, in part, people celebrate their differences thanks to it.

"I feel like it's very different because with the rise of social media, I feel like it's very hard to turn a blind eye into the differences we have, but I feel like more with anything with Gen Z, especially, I feel like we're not the generation that's going to be colorblind or pretend that racism exists."

" But I feel like we're the generation that's going to celebrate our differences and learn about each other and uplift each other."

There is certainly a visibility factor with social media that helps tremendously. Gauff certainly believes it helps, as she compared the current situation with the one when her parents were growing up, and because of rapid technology advancements, that's obviously much different.

"I just feel like that with social media just helps a lot and it's just a lot easier to do than my parents' generation. When I go on social media, I scroll and I see like just different food things to try and I'm going to different countries and learning about them."

"And I think that's like the coolest thing, because you could literally not leave your room and know so much about all over the world. Whereas before I feel like you really had to experience it to know it."


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