Wawrinka Dismisses Talks About Retirement As He Eyes One More Title

Wawrinka Dismisses Talks About Retirement As He Eyes One More Title

by Zachary Wimer

Stan Wawrinka is hearing about retirement from everywhere, but he reminded everyone that it's his call to make, and it's not going to be made anytime soon.

The Swiss player might not have impressed with his tennis lately, but he has certainly impressed with his decisiveness. Despite some brewing calls for retirement, Wawrinka has no intention of doing so anytime soon, and he certainly doesn't intend to do it on anybody else's terms.

Despite his record this year on the ATP Tour only being 3-9, the Swiss veteran still has goals, which he spoke about with Express Sport.

He admitted that, ultimately, he will make the decision when to retire. For now, the goal is to keep playing tennis, as he still has goals in the sport, despite being 39.

"There are always goals. I think as an athlete it’s important to set yourself some goals. I also know that of course, the goals I had 10 years ago are not the same now, especially after so many injuries and surgeries the last few years."

With every loss and lack of success, the calls will get louder, and the questions will be more frequent. Andy Murray knows it best and grew tired pretty quickly of it. However, Wawrinka seems very determined in walking his own way and decide about his retirment.

"I’ve been on tour for 20 years and of course when I get to 39 years old and I’m 80 in the world, for sure people will ask me the question and I have no problem with that. It’s just the way I want to answer it and the way I want to prove that I still want to be there. At the end of the day, I decide what I’m going to do with my tennis career."

Wawrinka on retirement


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