'He Should Do It For As Long As He Wants': Murray Defended Amid Retirement Talks

'He Should Do It For As Long As He Wants': Murray Defended Amid Retirement Talks

by Zachary Wimer

No one can stop aging, and that's why also Andy Murray is likely headed to retirement, but former ATP player Tim Henman thinks he should be given a chance to do so on his own terms.

For much of this year and last, Murray was being retired by fans and the media. Every loss was a tsunami of questions about whether Murray is 'done' or will be 'done' soon.

The repeated questioning got old pretty fast, but Murray was a good sport talking about and reiterating that he will keep fighting until he feels it's worth it.

He's also openly admitted that he thinks about retirement and has an idea how he'd do it, so it's not really a taboo topic for him. Being winless in 2024 so far made it a very widely talked-about topic again, but Tim Henman explained to metro.co.uk how Murray should be left alone to decide what happens with his career.

"There has been some chat around his retirement but for me I don’t agree with that in any way, shape or form. As long as he wants to be out there, working hard and putting the hours in and making sacrifices, he should do it for as long as he wants. But he’s a competitor. He doesn’t want go into tournaments making up the numbers and winning a match here or there."

Henman believes that Murray still has much to give. Even if he's winless so far in 2024, the Brit believes his Wimbledon performance last year wasn't by accident. He was playing really well, but ultimately, he was very unlucky against Stefanos Tsitsipas.

"It was a really frustrating match. Andy was playing the best tennis I have seen him play in five years. ‘To be up two sets to one and then have to come back the next day, he lost the momentum and to lose that match was massively frustrating."

"The second half of the year was also frustrating for Andy. This year, to not pick up any wins, you can see and hear how frustrated Andy is."


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