Giorgi Breaks Silence And Formally Announces Tennis Retirement

Giorgi Breaks Silence And Formally Announces Tennis Retirement

by Nurein Ahmed

Camila Giorgi has publicly announced her retirement on social media after days of speculation regarding her future and whereabouts.

Earlier this week, Giorgi filed for retirement with the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) but did not issue a statement or disclose any reasons to the media or her fans.

It took a few days before Giorgi officially relayed the message on her official Instagram account, stating that it was the only source of "truthful information." As expected, the 32-year-old thanked the fans for their unbridled support throughout her playing career, which began in 2006.

"Please trust this instagram for truthful information. To my lovely fans, I am happy to formally announce retirement from my tennis career. I am so grateful for your wonderful love and support for so many years. I cherish all the beautiful memories."

Giorgi wrote on Instagram

Recently, a report emanating from Italy asserted that Giorgi was on the run from Italian police in her home country because of tax issues relocated to the United States.

This only intensified speculation of Giorgi's mysterious disappearance from the public eye. The former World No. 26 has clarified that there have been "inaccurate" rumors swirling about her long-term future, with modeling being her calling card. She promised to document her life after tennis.

"There have been many inaccurate rumors about my future plans, so I look forward to providing more information about exciting opportunities ahead. It is a joy to share my life with you, and let's continue this journey together. With much love, Camila."

Giorgi did not touch on reports linking her and her family to shortcomings in tax returns and undeclared income. She is also scheduled for a hearing in court as one of 21 people in Italy indicted by The Vicenza Prosecutor's Office over the use of fake coronavirus vaccination passes at the height of the pandemic.


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