Giorgi Surprisingly Retires From Tennis Without Any Official Announcement

Giorgi Surprisingly Retires From Tennis Without Any Official Announcement

by Zachary Wimer

Camila Giorgi officially retired from the sport on May 7th, 2024, the day the Italian Open in Rome began.

Nobody saw the retirement coming, and neither did the Italian ever hint at it happening. Giorgi is not the oldest player on Tour at 32, and she's certainly capable of still playing tennis. The Italian hasn't played a lot of tennis this year, totaling only 9 matches so far with a 3-6 record, so her tennis hasn't been that great lately.

Perhaps that's part of why she retired, as her ranking also suffered. She's ranked 116 right now, which won't allow her to enter the main draws easily, and she likely also didn't want to play lower events.

She reached her career-high ranking a few years ago, in 2022, when she peaked at number 26. That year, she also won the largest trophy of her career, a WTA 1000 in Montreal - the Canadian Open.

Her career faltered slowly after that, but there was still reason for optimism. Retirement seems to be a drastic move, especially with a busy summer ahead. However, she didn't do it on the tennis court.

Her final career match will be against Iga Swiatek at the Miami Open. She lost it 1-6, 1-6, and that's going to be the final loss of her career. Her retirement became known because of her inclusion on the retiree's players list on the ITIA website.

There was no hint, interview, statement, press release, social media post, or anything else from the Italian player, which was surprising but also very on-brand for Giorgi.

Her career was full of ups and downs, but ultimately, she can look back on it with a lot of pride for what she achieved on the WTA Tour. As of now, she's yet to provide any official statement.


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